OFF THE RAILS: ProRail’s Martijn van Noort

Posted: 15 February 2024 | | No comments yet

In this week’s edition of ‘Off the Rails’, I spoke to Martijn van Noort, the Maintenance Manager at ProRail.

off the rail martijn

I was lucky enough to attend Metis Conferences’ Rail Infrastructure Asset Management Awards earlier this month, where ProRail’s Martijn van Noort delivered a fantastic presentation on how rail operators could adapt to a more sustainable approach to decision-making in lifecycle management. After the conference, I was able to ask Martijn a couple of questions. Read below to find out more about predictive condition monitoring, the need for flexibility in asset management, and more!

How do you balance asset renewals, refurbishments, and maintenance activities?

We try to consider what the costs are over the lifespan. We are always developing various scenarios and solutions. We not only take money into account, but also disruptions and costs of time free periods and nowadays increasingly also environmental effects. Ultimately, we strive for optimal price performance over the life cycle.

How do these affect the decision-making process?

It is important that the considerations are made uniformly and transparently. By everyone working with one software tool, uniformity and a way of working is created. Engineering firms and contractors also have access to our tool. The tool contains the basic rules with which everyone must comply. All considerations are also saved in this tool. This is how we build a powerful knowledge library.

How can predictive condition monitoring, and other technological tools, provide insight?

Predictive condition monitoring and other technological tools can provide insight when a component is technically end of life. This information must then be included in tools that optimise economically.

Is there a need for flexibility in asset management, and if so, how can this be achieved?

Flexibility in asset management is always useful. It’s nice if you can exchange money between CAPEX and OPEX, but I’m not a financial person so you shouldn’t ask me this.

This year, Global Railway Review celebrates its 30th birthday, its pearl anniversary. Have you got a pearl of wisdom you’d like to share with us today?

I don’t feel like I have the holy grail for railway, but I think it is important that the employees are enthusiastic and love the product they deliver. ProRail and the contractors employ many people who love their profession and that gives a powerful organisation.