Issue #5 2013 – Digital version

Posted: 5 October 2013 | | 3 comments

High-speed rail; Spain & Portugal profile; Swedish profile; Research & Development; Freight; Rolling Stock Design; and much more…

European Railway Review - Issue 5 2013
  • Special supplement:
    High-Speed Rail
  • Introduction:
    Defending the high safety record of rail transport
  • Foreword:
    From crisis to continued growth
  • Spain & Portugal:
    Strong commitment from the Spanish rail industry
    Power quality (and monitoring) in railway systems
  • Swedish profile:
    The hub in the Swedish railway system
    Putting  large-scale rail projects into action
    Rewarding passengers to gain a competitive edge
  • Research & Development:
    RFE and SHIFT2RAIL join for European rail sector success
  • Freight:
    The innovative rail freight corridors are coming to life
  • Rolling stock design
    Bombardier – leading the evolution of mobility with innovative designs
    Understanding the phenomena of train aerodynamics

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3 responses to “Issue #5 2013 – Digital version”

  1. Masaru Ota says:

    I want to read digital version.

  2. Aleko Nedjalkow says:

    I study product design and interested in sustainable transportation.

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