Germany: NETINERA to start four new routes in 2014

Posted: 11 April 2014 | Jost Knebel, CEO, NETINERA Deutschland GmbH | No comments yet

NETINERA is one of the largest private regional rail operators in Germany. Before 2011 it belonged to the British Arriva plc company until it was acquired by a financial consortium of the Italian national railway company, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS) and the French-Luxembourgian infrastructure company, Cube Infrastructure. In 2014, NETINERA will start four new regional rail routes in Germany…

Since the beginning of the rail reform in 1994, private rail operators are constantly winning more tenders in Germany. One of the successful private competitors for regional rail traffic on the German market is NETINERA. The company, formerly known as Arriva Deutschland GmbH, changed its name to NETINERA, a compound of the words ‘Net’ for network and ‘itinera’ meaning ‘on the way’ in Latin, after its acquisition by FS (51%) and Cube Infrastructure (49%). NETINERA’s three board members are based in the company’s offices in Berlin and they have worked together since May 2013. The first step of the new management was to reorganise the company’s structure to make it more competitive and flexible.

Arriva’s company structure was complex due to numerous acquisitions during recent years; so it was important to downsize the company’s organisational structure to make it more dynamic.

With its nine railway companies, NETINERA currently holds a 5% market share of the regional transport sector in Germany.

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