FLEXX Power bogies for locomotives – challenges and developments

Posted: 3 December 2014 | Stefan Schrader, Bombardier Transportation | No comments yet

Locomotives are designed according to the prevailing state-of-the-art as a vehicle with two bogies…

FLEXX Power bogies for locomotives – challenges and developments

A locomotive bogie provides not only the function of carrying and guiding the vehicle, but it also enables the transmission of significant traction and braking forces. Depending on operational conditions and requirements, there are different technical, economic and operational constraints that were considered during the development of the latest generation of BOMBARDIER FLEXX Power bogies. Stefan Schrader – Product Manager, Business Unit Bogies at Bombardier Transportation, explains further.

Rail transport is characterised by strong competition with other modes of transportation. This leads to a strong cost pressure in terms of investment and life cycle costs (LCC), especially within the locomotive market which is dominated by freight traffic. In addition, the competition within the railway industry, consisting of long-established and new suppliers, is continuously increasing as well as customer and homologation requirements.

Increasing requirements on locomotives and bogies

Depending on the viewer’s perspective, there are differing product needs. The requirements for the bogie can be classified within the following three views with individual key aspects:

Customer’s view

  • High traction and braking forces
  • Low product price and short delivery time
  • Maintainability and low LCC
  • High reliability and availability

Homologation view

  • Safety and structural integrity
  • Formal correctness, approval process compliance, conformity to standards
  • Track access requirements
  • National characteristics

Supplier’s view

  • Standardised interfaces
  • High re-use factor
  • Light-weight design
  • Competitive product price

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