Infrastructure In-Depth Focus 2017

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The complex infrastructure that allows passengers to get from a to b must perform efficiently and safely. Consequently, developing networks, allocating capacity, constructing new high-speed lines and moving towards predictive maintenance are all crucial pieces of the puzzle…

Railway Infrastructure In-Depth Focus 2017
  • Iain Anderson, Director of High Speed Rail Industry Leaders, explains how the HS2 project will not only bring increased capacity on the UK rail network, but will also be crucial in transforming the UK’s economy.
  • LINMAG’s Rodney Kerr, Business Development Manager UK and Ireland, explains how Irish Rail is taking advantage of LINMAG’s rail milling services in conjunction with the latest survey and modelling techniques to improve costs as well as the performance of its railway network.
  • Viktor Plank and Christian Holzer from the Asset Management and Strategic Planning Department of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG provide details of the latest developments to the Austrian railway’s ‘Target Network 2025+’ master plan.
  • Thomas Isenmann, Managing Director of Trasse Schweiz AG, provides an overview of how the organisation allocates train paths on the Swiss rail infrastructure network.

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