Zaugg track-based snow clearing systems

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Zaugg AG Eggiwil / Switzerland is one of the world’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of high-end track and road snow-clearing equipment and specialist ski slope-preparation equipment. Zaugg products are known for their superb Swiss quality, extraordinary operational reliability, unbeatable working comfort and longer-than-average service life which combine to offer maximum performance and economy. The company has seen strong growth in recent years thanks to ongoing innovation and willingness to adapt to meet customer needs. Zaugg’s track-based snow clearing systems are not generally self-propelling but instead pushed by rail tractors, locomotives or railcars, depending on requirements.

Snow clearing units fitted with a Zaugg snow blower

Snow clearing units fitted with a Zaugg snow blower are usually based on an existing or new railcar chassis onto which the required additional elements are fitted. This includes, for example, an enclosed cab with two well-designed workplaces with control seats for the operator of the snow blower and the engine driver and space for a further three passengers. The locomotive driver controls the locomotive that is pushing the clearer vehicle remotely via a cable or radio link. The driver’s cab is fitted with all the required instruments and equipment to handle demanding clearing work by day or night and in any weather.

The two-part snow blower can be hydraulically extended – for instance 40cm to the left or right and raised up to 40cm above the track level depending on the depth of snow. The two sections are joined by an articulated wedge in the centre and have a clearing height of 160cm. If the snow is not very deep, the two blower units can be fully extended to clear the entire track width in one pass. In heavy snow the two sections are pulled together to clear the track in two passes.

The special Zaugg snow clearing unit is powered by two 1500V, 200kW DC motors via a manually operated current collector on the roof and from the locomotive. The blower is mechanically driven and its two-speed transmission enables a throwing range of up to 10-15m, or up to 30-40m to be selected. The two individually-rotatable ejection chutes can be adjusted to the selected range in order to ensure that the snow is optimally thrown to the desired deposition areas. The snow clearing unit can also be powered by diesel engines.

The snow clearing vehicle also has an innovative switch, track and rack cleaning attachment. This blower removes the snow at high speed from the track area. The attachment comprises a radial fan located in front of the front axle and below the cab, and a jet which is aimed at the tracks.

Zaugg wedge-shaped plough for track-based vehicles

Zaugg flexible pointed ploughs or wedge-shaped ploughs can be attached directly to rail tractors, locomotives or railcars. Ploughs are mostly attached using an interchange system to enable removal when not in use.

The Zaugg snow clearing vehicle comprises two independent snow blower units at the front, each of which is fitted with an ejection chute for accurate snow ejection. This picture shows the articulated wedge between the two blowers. During the first snow blowing pass, the two blowers are retracted together. During the second pass each one can be extended by 40cm to either side.

However, this plough can be mounted directly onto an existing or new railcar chassis together with the necessary diesel motor-powered hydraulic system (including emergency lowering system), according to customer requirements. Normal operating control takes place per radio-transmission from the driver’s console in the traction vehicle pushing the snow clearing unit.

Depending on the amount of snow and the terrain, the variable wedge-shaped plough can be converted (using the hydraulically adjustable blades) into a pointed or single-direction plough for left- or right-handed clearing. The plough is adjusted to form a ‘V’ shape to transport snow over short distances. The blades are fixed in an interim position to clear a wider profile. The slewing cylinders are secured using pressure control valves.

The Zaugg wedge-shaped plough has a distinct optimised inward blade curve. Together with its variable wedge form, this plough enables a tailored, wide snow ejection – for example it can clear an area of more than 3m and up to 0.8m in height, as necessary in several operations. The plough’s lifting and lowering system allows it to be positioned up to approximately 300mm above the top edge of the track. It is fitted with steel cutting edges/scraper bars and has adjustable rollers that are used to vary the distance of the wear rail from the top of the track.

There is also a left- or right-hand discharging track plough mounted on the bottom of the snow clearing railcar that removes remaining snow from between the rails.

Along with the snow ploughs Zaugg also designs and produces track snow clearing systems specially designed for funiculars; and Snow Thrower Locomotives that do the same job as aforementioned but are entirely self-propelled, either electrically or by diesel engines.

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