Kontron Transportation GmbH


Lehrbachgasse 11
1120 Vienna,

+43 1 25 33 700


Kontron Transportation is a global leading supplier of end-to-end communications solutions for mission-critical and carrier networks. Its vision is to develop and deliver leading-edge communication solutions for mission-critical environments and enable its customers digital evolution. The purpose is to support its customers with their communication challenges – today and in the future as trusted and long-term partner.

The corporate values trust, commitment, creativity, leadership and agility are the guiding principles that drive its business. Its focus is on innovative solutions to produce, transport and process voice, data and video information reliably and securely in an efficient and sustainable way. Kontron Transportation offers integrated solutions for a successful digital transformation with strong focus on business value and people.

It ensures, that all solutions are future-proof, secure, reliable, designed to last and aim to protect resources of human, environmental and investment capital. With its approach it actively contributes to the European green deal for sustainable and smart mobility.

Kontron Transportation pays attention to tailor-made solutions and acts with innovative spirit to guide its customers to the next level of communication and digitalization. As trusted and long-term partner it delivers its projects with an ideal balance between protecting investments and sustainable evolution of networks.

Kontron Transportation’s core business focuses on in-house solutions for railways, public transport, utilities and telecommunication companies as well as other industries with mission-critical demands, complemented by its partner ecosystem.

Its activities are built on decades of experience in mission-critical networks and how they evolve within changing environments. As a manufacturer and system integrator Kontron Transportation is combining technical trends with state-of-the art technologies and expertise.