Pcentra Ltd


Yitzhak Sade 8, Level 3,
Tel-aviv, Israel


Pcentra provides payment technology solutions for public transportation. Its mission is to create a world where everybody can move effortlessly, enjoying fast, convenient, smooth and smart journeys. With Pcentra’s award-winning solution, operators and authorities can implement online connections alongside an existing offline Contactless travel cards system, serving as a second payments layer without complex or costly system integrations. Passengers access the system via any NFC device (Mobile/Tablet, POS, ATM, API and more) to top-up, access concessions and discounts, or manage profiles.

Pcentra’s solution is proven in a nationwide ticketing & fare collection operation, reconciling 12 operators and managing more than 1.5 million unique payments per month. Pcentra’s transaction-based model eliminates up-front costs and aligns supplier and customer success based on ridership and resulting revenue.