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Issue 2 2005



Intensified focus on network maintenance

31 May 2005 | By Hansjörg Hess, Head of Infrastructure and Member of Management Board, SBB

SBB Infrastructure has started an extensive programme to improve the availability and reliability of its network in order to guarantee the service level after the substantial expansion of the train schedule.


Alpine stream of rolling stock orders

31 May 2005 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor

Switzerland and Austria are investing heavily in new locomotives for trans-Alpine freight work, along with regional trains for local passenger networks.


Assessing infrastructure development

31 May 2005 | By Martin Huber, Chief Executive Officer, Austrian Railways-Holding AG

Austrian Federal Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen – ÖBB) has embarked to gradually complete Austria’s rail infrastructure, based on the requirements specified for the 2020 target network to enable it to cope with current and future transport demand. Capacity, cost efficiency and maximum customer benefit are the main drivers of all initiatives…


Train braking performance determination

31 May 2005 | By Hans Paukert, Charge de Mission, UIC (International Union of Railways)

During their historical development, the railways in Europe have adopted their own technical standards and operating rules according to national requirements. As a result, the European railways use different train control systems (INDUSI, KVB, LZB, TVM, ATB etc.) and have different warning distances (400m to 6,000m). This situation constitutes a…


Projects in the Pan-European Corridor IV

31 May 2005 | By Ernst Schraud, Head of International Transportation and Railway Services Department, DE-Consult GmbH

The DE-Consult (Deutsche Eisenbahn-Consulting GmbH) a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways) with its vast worldwide experience, has for more than one and a half decades supported the development of railway sectors in Middle and Eastern European countries.


Development of freight wagons

31 May 2005 | By Evert Andersson, Professor and Per-Anders Jönsson, Researcher, KTH Railway Technology

European freight wagon designers have for a long time been guided by the principle that wagons must be capable of being used on all standard-gauge railway networks in Europe. For more than 50 years the International Union of Railways (UIC) has standardised many freight wagon components – in particular their…


LCC – an R&D project

31 May 2005 | By Jürgen Siegmann, Head of Track and Railway Operations, University of Berlin

Since 1997, the Department of Track and Railway Operations of the Technical University of Berlin has been led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Siegmann, a distinguished expert in the field of railway operations who is frequently asked for his expertise by the industry. His department currently employs 13 assistants who…


Lateral separation cracks in concrete track slab

31 May 2005 | By Sascha Lay, Material Technologist, Pfleiderer track systems

This article will cover the effects of lateral separation cracks in the concrete track slab on the durability of the RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system. The RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system consists of a jointless concrete track slab with bi-block lattice-truss concrete sleepers, on a hydraulically bonded layer (HBL), as shown in…


Turning the tracks around

31 May 2005 | By Jesper Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer, Rail Net Denmark (Banedanmark)

The challenges are plain for Danish rail infrastructure manager, Rail Net Denmark. A somewhat outdated rail and signal infrastructure are ripe for thorough renewals. The task is put in the hands of an organisation in the process of change, moving from being household of the state to a more independent…