Bombardier names new TRAXX multi engine locomotive as its top innovation of 2011

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TRAXX diesel electric multi-engine locomotive top technology solution of the year…

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Bombardier, the world’s leading rail technology innovator, has announced the next generation BOMBARDIER TRAXX diesel electric multi-engine locomotive as its top technology solution of the year. The concept was selected from a strong field of innovations at the company’s 2011 Bombardier Transportation Innovation Awards. Criteria in judging the innovations included feasibility, risk, competitive advantage and environmental impact.

The new locomotive has already proven to be a game changer in the European railway market, contributing to Bombardier signing a nine-year frame contract with DB Regio AG for 200 TRAXX locomotives, in April 2011. The novel concept, which fulfils the latest emission norms, is based on four diesel-electric engine-generator sets replacing the typical large unit. The concept also allows the implementation of an intelligent engine control system, allowing each engine to be operated independently to maximise fuel efficiency.

“The new TRAXX diesel locomotive is the latest in a long line of innovative technologies developed by Bombardier,” said Andre Navarri, President and Chief Operating Officer, Bombardier Transportation. “As the world’s leading rail and public mobility solutions company, Bombardier is constantly developing the sustainable transport solutions of tomorrow. This impressive new locomotive concept allows high flexibility in fulfilling future emission requirements and upgrades as well as reducing fuel consumption, thus giving it strong potential in the markets of Europe and beyond.”

The 2011 Innovation Award was judged by a network of Innovation Managers at Bombardier creating a shortlist from which Mr. Navarri and Josef Doppelbauer, Vice President Project Management and Chief Technical Officer, Bombardier Transportation, selected the winner. Dr. Doppelbauer and Martin Ertl, Chief Innovation Officer, Bombardier Transportation, presented the award to the team behind the winning concept: Karlheinz Geradts, Andreas Degenhardt, Thomas Werle and Werner Sonnleitner. “There was a strong field of entries for this year’s Innovation Awards,” Dr. Doppelbauer said. “This strength in depth bears witness to Bombardier’s cutting edge product development and thought leadership on sustainable mobility. All the innovations shortlisted for this award are worthy winners.”

The innovations shortlisted for this year’s award also included Bombardier’s Last Mile Diesel and Last Mile Battery technology. It removes the need to change/add locomotives in shunting areas of a rail network, which are typically not electrified. The compact 240kW diesel generator set enables electric mainline locomotives to operate on non-electrified lines for certain periods, offering operators increased flexibility, for example, at terminals, ports or construction sites. The Last Mile Battery is a new system that feeds an electric mainline locomotive with an onboard battery pack.

Another highly commended innovation was Bombardier’s latest carbody concept developed in its role as partner and supplier of Siemens in the major Deutsche Bahn project ICx for the next generation of high speed trains in Germany. It delivers a 15 per cent weight reduction of the carbody sidewalls compared to standard designs, ensuring excellent surface quality and reducing the risk of corrosion while using standard materials preferred by customers.

Innovation management and product development are at the core of Bombardier’s approach to shaping the future of public transportation. A specialist network of Centres of Excellence (CoEs) is continually developing its range of products from signalling technologies to BOMBARDIER PrimoveCity inductive e-mobility solutions offering easy urban transportation for all modes of electric vehicles, including trams, buses, commercial vehicles and cars. These CoEs are supported by dedicated engineering centres across Europe and North America, specialising in expert technical areas from acoustics and aerodynamics to reliability, availability and maintainability.

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