Deutsche Bahn orders new signalling technology from Funkwerk IT for the Bremen – Bremerhaven line

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PLC-based electronic interlocking improves performance on hinterland lines…

In the framework of the existing module contract Deutsche Bahn recently placed an order with Funkwerk IT for renewal of the signalling technology on the Bremen – Bremerhaven line section. Funkwerk IT will replace the old signalling technology with new efficient electronic interlockings of the Alister type. Commissioning of the interlockings is planned for October 2013. The volume of the order is in the middle single-digit million range. This is the second line section in the Deutsche Bahn network which Funkwerk IT is equipping with its Alister system.

The capacity of the existing infrastructure is being upgraded with new signalling technology to deal with the increase in railway traffic between Bremen and Bremerhaven which is forecast to double in volume by 2015. In the stations at Oldenbüttel and Lübberstedt future-oriented interlockings, based on Funkwerk IT’s Alister platform, are being installed. The new interlockings control and monitor about 60 signals, 12 points, 47 axle-counting circuits, 12 level crossings and a speed checking facility. Both interlockings are controlled from the regional control centre in Stubben which is connected to the interlockings by modern fibre-optic cable. The six new block signals between Bremen-Burg and Bremerhaven-Wolsdorf will increase performance and capacity on this heavily used line.

Funkwerk IT is using its high-performance Alister interlocking system for this order. The system was designed in accordance with the current CENELEC standards (SIL 4) and is based on components which are approved by the German Technical Inspection Organisation (TÜV) and the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA). With its scalable design, compact structure and easy operability, the Alister interlocking is optimal for control of rail traffic on the Bremen-Bremerhaven section which is a partly double-track main line section in the passenger and goods traffic network with a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

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