Ukrainian Railways CEO addresses InnoTrans audience

Posted: 20 September 2022 | | No comments yet

Alexander Kamyshin, CEO of Ukrainian Railways, addressed the InnoTrans 2022 audience to explain the “importance of railways”.

During the opening ceremony of InnoTrans 2022, the CEO of Ukrainian Railways, Alexander Kamyshin, spoke to the 1,000-strong audience to explain that the last 219 days have “shown the importance of railways not only as a backbone of the economy but also of security”.

Alexander also sadly mentioned that the organisation has lost 244 railways staff killed to date and many others seriously injured, but the country’s railway network keeps running.

He also explained that by joining the EU rail network will mean benefits for not just Ukraine but also for wider Europe.

Alexander also met during InnoTrans so key names in the industry. Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Bahn (DB) posted on social media that together with Adina Valean and Volker Wissing, he has signed on MoU to agree steps for how DB can provide more support to Ukrainian Railways.