GIRO celebrates 35 years of improving public transport efficiency

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Keeping costs down while ensuring quality services is a major challenge in the passenger transportation industry.

Giro Integrated Solutions

Giro Integrated Solutions

Giro Integrated Solutions

Keeping costs down while ensuring quality services is a major challenge in the passenger transportation industry.

Ever since 1979, GIRO has been providing integrated software solutions to help passenger transport operators better manage and optimise their operations. What began as a university research project is now a globally recognised company employing 300 skilled I.T. professionals whose software solutions are deployed in more than 300 sites around the world from Melbourne to Los Angeles.

The solutions, backed by GIRO’s 35 years of expertise, include the HASTUS-Rail suite for passenger rail, which enables improved planning, scheduling, daily management, customer information and data analysis of metro, tram and passenger train operations – whether in urban, commuter, regional or national contexts. Schedulers rely on HASTUS-Rail to define temporary circulation restrictions on track networks and manage track unavailability due to maintenance. They can evaluate virtually limitless simulation scenarios for potential solutions. Up-to-date information also enables dispatchers to react quickly to maintain service levels when faced with unplanned events and employee sick days.

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What’s more, transport organisations can consider crew preferences when building schedules and assigning work. HASTUS-Rail provides not only powerful tools to raise productivity and save cost and time, but solutions to boost overall staff satisfaction and provide a better passenger experience.

Today, as throughout the last 35 years, GIRO’s flexibility, advanced algorithms, continuous product evolution and exceptional customer support continue to make its software solutions the industry benchmarks.

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