Colas Rail awarded rail grinding contract by Network Rail

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Operating and maintaining six rail grinding machines, Colas Rail will deliver almost 1,400 operational shifts a year, in a 24/7 operation.


Colas Rail has been awarded a three-year rail-grinding contract by Network Rail across Britain, beginning in February 2019.

Colas Rail will operate and maintain six rail grinding machines and deliver almost 1,400 operational shifts a year, in a 24/7 operation. Plain line rail grinders are required by Network Rail to carry out corrective and preventative rail grinding works throughout Britain.

Colas Rail facilitated the introduction of three brand new Loram C44 plain line rail grinders, the largest of which is C44-03, a 64-stone machine that is almost 150m long. This came into service in 2017. Colas Rail also expanded its maintenance depot in Rugby to accommodate the longer machine.

Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Chief Executive Officer – UK Colas Rail, said: “This is a great achievement for the Rail Services division. The award of this contract is a reflection of Colas Rail’s team performance, who will continue to deliver safely, on time and as per the required quality. With safety and performance as our key driver, we remain, more than ever, committed to fulfilling our promise to Network Rail.”

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