First of new Class 4000 trains arrives to bolster Translink’s fleet

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The 20 new trains for Translink N I Railways represent an investment of £114m, funded by the Department for Regional Development…

The 20 new trains for Translink N I Railways represent an investment of £114m, funded by the Department for Regional Development...

The first of a further 20 brand new trains arrived today on schedule for Translink N I Railways heralding the next major milestone in the modernisation and renaissance of rail travel in Northern Ireland.

Translink Group Chief Executive Catherine Mason and Transport Minister Conor Murphy at Belfast Docks during the unloading of the first of 20 new Class 4000 trains for Northern Ireland, representing a £114million investment.

As the second new fleet for the company in recent years they represent an investment of £114m, funded by the Department for Regional Development. Known as the ‘Class 4000’, this next generation of trains will replace all the older trains currently in service. They will operate alongside the existing C3k trains delivering an entirely modern fleet to cater for the growing customer demand on local rail services.

The first new train was unloaded at Belfast Docks having travelled from manufacturer CAF in Spain and transported to Translink’s York Road engineering depot by road.

Speaking at Belfast docks, Group Chief Executive Catherine Mason said:

“Two years ago the contract was signed securing the supply of these new trains and it is with great delight that we are now welcoming the start of their arrival.

“This new fleet highlights government’s continued commitment to providing people with state-of-the-art public transport and I would like to thank the Regional Development Minister and the NI Assembly for their ongoing support.

“With over 60% customer growth since 2002 it is clear that more and more people are now choosing the train as the more attractive and good value travel option. Indeed this year we are on schedule to carry even more customers than ever before. These new trains will allow us to build on this success in order to further contribute sustainably to the social, environmental and economic development of the North”.

“These new Class 4000 trains are being manufactured to the very latest industry standards, meeting the highest standards of performance, comfort, safety and accessibility. While they will have some similar facilities to the current C3k trains, many features have been improved having gained valuable feedback from our customers and learning from on our experience with the C3k fleet.

“Some of these enhancements include the introduction of new multi-purpose areas on board to accommodate parents with buggies or extra bicycles. In addition they will have the latest environmental features and be more fuel efficient with reduced carbon emissions.

“Safety is a top priority and following delivery, each train will be subjected to a rigorous phase of testing by our team of engineers before entering public service towards the end of this year.

“The first new train will be deployed on the Larne line and it is expected that all trains will be delivered and into passenger service during 2012,” said Catherine.

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