RAILENIUM consortium wins bid for French State investment

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The RAILENIUM project is set to become a world leader for excellence and innovation in railways…

The RAILENIUM project, the name given to the European Institute for Technological Research in Rail Infrastructure (based near Valenciennes, in northern France), is set to become a world leader for excellence and innovation in railways and has been selected by the French government as an “investment programme for the future”.

Eurotunnel, one of the founding members of the consortium, is delighted that railway infrastructure will be the recipient of major investment for research and innovation. Over the past 17 years, Eurotunnel has shown that a successful infrastructure is the basis of service quality.

RAILENIUM will conduct research into issues relating to safety and railway infrastructure maintenance, the standardisation of equipment, rail life and investment costs, all areas in which Eurotunnel has an established reputation.

It is notable that amongst the 24 companies which make up the project1, Eurotunnel is the only private infrastructure manager to be present alongside RFF.

The French government will provide investment worth €550 million for innovation in railway infrastructure technology. Eurotunnel is pleased that the authorities responsible for research, 5 local authorities and in particular the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region have joined forces to bring this project to fruition. It is a real opportunity for the European railway industry and will enable benefits to flow from the pooling of expertise.

Through RAILENIUM the entire rail industry will benefit from working together to ensure that innovation, safety and development bring benefits to all.


  1. Alstom, Bouygues, Eurotunnel, SNCF, equipment manufacturers from the Fédération des Industries Ferroviaires and members of the Association des Industries Ferroviaires régionales. 8 universities, and research and development centres.

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