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Arlanda Express



Arlanda Express has the most satisfied customers in the Swedish travel sector

20 September 2012 | By Per Thorstenson, CEO, Arlanda Express

Arlanda Express noted major successes during 2011: trains upgraded with prizewinning interior décor, a robust financial result and a record number of passengers. The journey now continues with a stronger focus on service and passenger care, with all personnel undergoing training in the practical philosophy of hostmanship – the art…


Successful renovation of Arlanda Express

17 September 2010 | By Per Thorstenson, President, Arlanda Express & CEO, A-Train AB

Arlanda Express, the Swedish airport train between Arlanda Airport and central Stockholm, is rebuilding its trains to meet future requirements for environmentally friendly travel. It has been possible to increase the number of seats onboard by 20%, while at the same time providing even greater comfort than previously using modern…


Arlanda Express celebrates anniversary with new major investment

26 September 2009 | By Per Thorstenson, President of Arlanda Express and CEO of A-Train AB

Arlanda Express, the Swedish high-speed train between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm City, reported its best financial results ever for 2008. The company is now investing in refurbishing its trains to increase capacity for seated passengers by at least 20%.