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Tunnel construction through the Hallandsås Ridge – a world-class project

26 September 2009 | By Per Rydberg, Project Manager for the Hallandsås Ridge tunnel, Banverket

Construction of a tunnel through the Hallandsås Ridge in southwest Sweden has given rise to many emotions over the years and the project has suffered several setbacks. Yet because of, or perhaps thanks to, its history, the tunnel is now one of Sweden's most well-planned construction projects. Today, the project…


Banverket seeks investment to cope with growth

27 September 2008 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor

With traffic increasing steadily, Banverket is seeking more money to finance new lines, adding extra capacity and improving maintenance in the Swedish rail system. Over the past decade, rail traffic growth in Sweden has been impressive. Passenger loadings are up by almost three quarters, while freight traffic has grown by…


ERTMS – philosophies with a driver supporting signalling system

27 September 2008 | By Sven-Hakan Nilsson, ERTMS Programme Manager, Banverket

The new European signalling system, ERTMS, will have a big impact on how the driver operates the train. ERTMS is in fact a signalling system that gives possibilities to support the driver in planning and driving of the train. This is a big difference for a lot of countries where…


‘Vision Zero’ and OLA improved level crossings

27 September 2008 | By Olle Mornell, Project Manager of Safety, Operational Department, Swedish Rail Administration (Banverket) and Helena Höök, Quality Controller & Strategist of Traffic Safety, Department of Operational Management, Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket)

Two severe accidents in 2004 and 2005 brought focus on the dangers of level crossings. According to ‘Vision Zero’, fatalities and severe injuries are not acceptable in the transport system. Since level crossings concern many key players, Banverket took the first steps to cooperation and Vägverket provided the OLA working…


Successful completion of Sweden’s biggest ever signal replacement

27 September 2008 | By Helen Hellströmer, Chief Communications Officer Banverket Produktion, Ann Linblad, Journalist/Editor, Banverket Produktion and Henrik Engberg, Communications Consultant, Engberg Information AB

During the Easter period of 2008, Banverket Produktion carried out the biggest ever signal replacement in Sweden and one that could possibly be considered the biggest in the whole of Europe.


New tracks in Stockholm improve train traffic

27 September 2007 | By Kjell-Åke Averstad, Project Manager, Banverket

For more than 20 years, there has been a political discussion about more rail lines running through Stockholm. For the same length of time, hundreds of thousands of travellers have endured heavy trafficked rolling stock. At both mornings and evenings, the long-distance, high-speed, commuter and even freight trains have waited…


An organised identity to focus on clear goals

26 September 2007 | By Per-Olof Granbom, Director General, Banverket

Since last February, Banverket has taken on a new identity. The organisation is now totally focused on the customer: providing a higher level of reliability and punctuality and stopping the increasing costs for major investment projects. “If rail transport is to have a future, we must ensure the quality of…


Higher railway investment level can help reverse climate change

26 September 2007 | By Katarina Norén, Director of Strategy and Marketing, Banverket

Railway infrastructure investments in Sweden are presently substantially higher compared with preceding planning periods. Reversing climate change while maintaining continued economic growth are political priorities and an expanded railway system can help fulfil both these objectives.


Beneficial monitoring: not whether, but when?

26 September 2007 | By Ton Bontekoe, Product Manager – Gotcha, Lloyds Register Rail

Achieving high levels of rail system reliability in all the phases of the life cycle at an optimal cost requires sound information, robust risk based analysis, proper implementation of asset management activities and on-going critical review.


Rail grinding operations in Sweden

6 February 2007 | By Anders Frick, Track Engineer and Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik, Research and Development Coordinator, Banverket

Over the last few years, rail grinding operations at Banverket in Sweden has become a natural and important part of the total maintenance track work. The number of track metres that were ground during 2006 was almost 1 million (exactly 997272 track metres) and almost 400 switches. The way of…


Level crossings – OLA model cooperation

15 September 2006 | By Olle Mornell, Project Manager, Banverket

Covering 440,000km2, Sweden is a relatively large country – approximately the size and shape of California. However, the population is only nine million, which means a density of 20 persons per km2. Approximately 90% of the population lives in the southern third of the country. Sweden is located on the…


ERTMS strategy and planning in Sweden

31 May 2006 | By Not known

The Swedish government has clearly indicated its commitment to railways as one of the most important means of transportation for the future. As a consequence, Banverket has been provided with resources to carry out an enhancement program needed to fulfil the transport policy objectives.


An overall view of maintenance

23 August 2005 | By Vivianne Karlsson, Senior Advisor Maintenance & Strategic Planning, Banverket

The task of Banverket, the Swedish National Rail Administration, to safeguard the state-owned railway infrastructure is performed with the aid of significant maintenance so as to ensure its operations achieve the transport policy goals set out by Sweden’s Government. Maintenance is a link in securing a transport system for the…


SJ prepares to defend its market share

23 August 2005 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor

An ambitious program of improved services is underway for Swedish State Railways as it squares up to face fierce competition from land, sea and air, including other rail operators in the regional market.


Finalising the Swedish GSM-R project

23 August 2005 | By Kjell Ekberg, Project Manager SIR-project and Tord Nilsson, Manager Telecommunications, Banverket

Despite difficulties and eight years after its start, Banverket is about to finalise the Swedish GSM-R project SIR. Problems solved have included appeals against building permits for radio sites, interaction problems between phones and the Swedish GSM-R network and difficulties achieving full system functionality according to the EIRENE specifications.