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The migration path towards ERTMS in Portugal

3 December 2014 | By Jose P. Neves, REFER Telecom and Fernando Vendas, REFER Engineering

Interoperability has become a key word in the European transport policy, with the aim of improving transport services. The application/renewal of signalling and telecommunication systems in the Portuguese railway network will follow this legal requirement and migrate to the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). Jose P. Neves from…


Portuguese rail network developments: Challenges and opportunities

18 September 2014 | By António Viana – Director of Strategy and Network Development at REFER

Portugal was affected by the international economic and financial crisis, like the majority of European countries, which determined the request for external help in 2011 and materialised with the Economic and Financial Assistance’s Programme. This context involved a change of strategy regarding public investment in transport infrastructures which became effective…


Track Systems supplement 2014

5 June 2014 | By

In our latest free-to-view Track Systems Supplement, read articles about the CAPACITY4RAIL project, track maintenance facilities in Portugal, plus switches and crossings research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology...


Rail Sustainability supplement 2014

4 April 2014 | By

In this exclusive online only Sustainability supplement, Alex Veitch from the Rail Delivery Group writes about the progress and challenges of rail sustainability in the UK; Libor Lochman from the CER assesses how rail transport matters to sustainability goals; Sharon Vye-Parminter highlights the important South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance; and…


Signalling & Telecoms supplement 2013

25 February 2013 | By

Inthis supplement: Crossrail’s signalling plans for best possible performance; What is in store for ERTMS in 2013? (Pio Guido Head of ERTMS Unit, European Railway Agency); Railway telecommunications and traffic safety (José Pestana Neves, Adviser to the Board of Directors, Refer Telecom and Member of the UIC European Radio Implementation…


FBSIC – an innovative tool based on GIS technology

19 September 2012 | By Luís Mata, CEO, Ferbritas

Railway infrastructure managers and operators are huge property owners, managing important railway facility and infrastructure territories. Due to the historical background of the railway industry, valuable real estate assets can be found, and there are certain regulations concerned with urban and suburban environments associated with railway lines, stations, logistic terminals…


Level Crossing Safety supplement 2012

30 July 2012 | By

In this supplement: Infrabel progressively increases safety at level crossings (Ann Billiau, Director-General, Rail Access, Infrabel); Portugal raises the tempo of level crossing safety initiatives (Paulo Soares de Melo, Director of Level Crossings, REFER); Level crossing misuse - not a traditional policing solution (Miles Flood, Chief Superintendent Territorial Policing, British…


Three new connections in the Portuguese network

10 December 2010 | By Romeu Costa Reis, Member of the Board, REFER EPE

In 2010, REFER EPE – the Portuguese rail infrastructure manager – opens three new connections of great importance for the rail network in Portugal. Three investments in the Main Network, considered as priorities in the Strategic Guidelines for the Railway Sector established by the Portuguese Government in 2006, include the…


Improving level crossing safety

26 September 2009 | By António Rodrigues Viana, General Director of Strategic Planning, REFER

Each year in Europe, the number of victims from accidents at level crossings (LCs) is approximately 600. It is a disturbing number, which not only demonstrates that this is a problem affecting all countries, but should also prompt awareness and education campaigns on the rules and good practices when crossing…


Recent progress boosts REFER’s success

27 September 2008 | By Eduardo Frederico, General Director of Infrastructure Exploitation, REFER

The Portuguese railway has recently seen significant developments with many of its operations including the construction and renovation of its infrastructure, railway systems and equipment, as well as making alterations to management personnel. Along with the liberalisation of the railway sector, a set of new challenges demanded the infrastructure managers…


One year on: high-speed plans continue

26 September 2007 | By José Alves Monteiro, General Director of Strategic Planning & Control, REFER

In our last article (published in ERR 4/06) concerning the plans, projects and priorities of REFER, we presented a general perspective of the public infrastructure investment in the conventional network corresponding to the most urgent ones and it also gave some information about the development of the high-speed project. Approximately…