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Simon Fletcher

Founder, Fletch Rail Advisory

Simon Fletcher, Coordinator Europe, International Union of Railways (UIC)

Simon Fletcher, Founder, Fletch Rail Advisory

Simon Fletcher has been a railway professional since 1977 and has a vast array of strategic experience in regional, national and international positions. Joining the UIC in 2003, Simon was responsible for establishing the UIC’s safety dossier and supporting unit at the time when the European Safety Directive was emerging. He was in charge of the level crossing topic and was instrumental in getting ELCAD (now known as ILCAD) started. Simon was a member of the UIC Board of Directors from 2009 and was most recently responsible for leading the UIC’s engagement in railway standardisation. Simon was with Eurostar for all of the 1990s, putting together its safety and standards framework. This and his other UK roles including Operations Director, Head of Safety and Standards and as Coordinator of the UK’s operating rules and regulations, have prepared him well for providing a major contribution to the development of the interoperability, safety management and standardisation structures of the railway system.

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