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Rail Articles

In-Depth Focus: Fire Safety

15 February 2021 | By

Rail infrastructure managers and train operators face continuing pressure to ensure that their networks and services offer robust protection against fire incidents. This In-Depth Focus brings together industry experts to highlight how best to understand the risks of fire to rail assets and how best to control situations to protect…

How climate change legislation is affecting transport infrastructure

12 February 2021 | By

As the world grows warmer, environmental legislation grows with it. For contracting authorities, each item of legislation adds a new layer of legal responsibilities – and failing to fully comply with them can have serious consequences. Beth Fryer, Legal Counsel Advisor for Atkins’ UK Transportation business, explains how to get…

Global Railway Review Issue 1 2021

12 February 2021 | By

In this issue, we feature articles from leading industry experts on a vast range of topics including: Restoring the critical role of passenger rail in Canada; details of rail improvements for Metrolinx; the opportunities ahead for U.S. rail freight; and HS1’s sustainability strategy.

Is magnetic rail in Europe a stepping stone to hyperloop?

29 January 2021 | By

Despite the pandemic, 2020 brought a lot of success in accelerating hyperloop technology. But, before hyperloop vehicles can gather speed, the possibility of using magnetic levitation on existing railway infrastructure is being explored. Przemyslaw Paczek, CEO & Co-founder at Nevomo, explains more about a 'magrail' solution and asks the question…

Making rail the first choice across Europe

25 January 2021 | By

Adina Vălean, the European Commissioner for Transport, looks to the future of rail innovation, and embraces the potential for long-distance passenger and freight traffic sparked by the European Year of Rail.

2021: The turning point for the European rail industry

22 January 2021 | By

With the ‘European Year of Rail’ already underway, Alberto Mazzola, Executive Director of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER), writes that, during this busy year for the European rail community, focus must be on recovery and development to make Europe's rail ambitions become reality.