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Rail Articles

Upskilling the workforce for the digital railway

7 September 2022 | By

Nick Rodney, Senior Engineering Curriculum Leader for the National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure, talks to Global Railway Review about the opportunities which the digital railway will offer the industry and how upskilling the workforce effectively is the key to success.

Superconducting Maglev: Speeding toward sustainability

6 September 2022 | By

In Global Railway Review Issue 4 2022, Wayne Rogers, Chairman and CEO of the Northeast Maglev, explains the importance of bringing high-speed travel to the United States through the SCMAGLEV train and explores the possibilities that this innovative technology offers passengers and the planet.

InnoTrans 2022 – Event Preview

2 September 2022 | By

In this event preview of InnoTrans 2022, we showcase what the trade fair has is in store for attendees this year, as well as some Company Profiles from organisations that will exhibiting at the event.

Roundtable: Passenger Experience

2 September 2022 | By

Moderated by Judit Sandor, Programme Manager at Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking, participants of this Roundtable explore how to improve passenger satisfaction post-pandemic, the role of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), and the importance of on-board comfort and transforming train stations.

In-Depth Focus: Signalling, Communications & Train Control Development

1 September 2022 | By

To transform railways for passengers and freight operators, the deployment of modern signalling, communications and train control technologies is crucial in order to increase capacity, reduce delays, enhance safety, and drive down costs. The authors in this In-Depth focus explore the developments in ERTMS/ETCS/GSM-R, and the potential that FRMCS offers…

In-Depth Focus: Technologies for Greener Rail Freight Operations

31 August 2022 | By

With the need to decarbonise the transportation sector greater than ever before, rail freight has a crucial role to play in meeting sustainability targets. The authors in this In-Depth Focus explore how technology can be used during freight operations to eliminate carbon emissions while still meeting commitments to customers and…