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Rail Articles

The digital revolution reaches rolling stock component services

11 August 2021 | By ,

Major global trends of digitalisation and sustainability increasingly guide the development cycle of component services in rail transport. VR FleetCare’s Vice President of Component Services, Anders Karlsson, and Head of Digital Services, Sami Kalevirta, explain how these trends impact the way that VR FleetCare undertakes the maintenance of rolling stock…

The new Lyon-Turin railway line: Eliminating the alpine bottleneck

9 August 2021 | By

Mario Virano, TELT-Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin General Director, celebrates the project’s milestone as 80 per cent of the contracts are awarded, reflecting on the time and expertise needed to reach this point, while looking ahead to the end goal – the central rail link in the Mediterranean Corridor.

Dellner couplers modular concept – Part 1: Coupler heads

6 August 2021 | By

With 80 years of experience, Dellner continues to expand its product portfolio. Here, the organisation delves deep into its coupler head solutions which are meticulously designed and manufactured to provide high reliability and ensure passenger and rolling stock protection and safety.

BNSF’s journey to creating a safer, smarter railroad

5 August 2021 | By

Muru Murugappan, Vice President of Technology Services and Chief Information Officer of BNSF Railway, explains how the North American freight railroad operator is continually working to leverage and explore new technologies and what this means for its future success.

Railroad to climate-neutrality: Next generation rail freight transport

4 August 2021 | By

Dr. Ben Möbius, Managing Director of the German Railway Industry Association (VDB), writes how three goals – digitisation and automation; accelerated electrification; and ensuring social acceptance – are key if the rail industry is to realise the significant changes needed to truly decarbonise the logistics sector.