Ensuring that rolling stock are freeze-free all winter long

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When winter temperatures dip below freezing, passenger trains with potable water-bearing systems for on-board kitchen galleys and sanitary systems are in danger of freezing when the train heat is turned off for switching locomotives or even during brief layovers. If not properly protected, a freeze up can result in burst water tanks and piping, costly repairs and interrupted schedules.

During normal operation, a passenger train’s heating keeps potable water systems warm enough to prevent potentially damaging temperature dips. But, when the train’s heat is turned off during a layover or when the train is being put into storage, the temperature inside of the cabin can quickly plummet towards freezing. If the water in the system is not heated or drained, it will eventually freeze and cause significant damage.

Relying on manually draining a passenger train’s water tanks prior to freezing can be risky when accounting for human error, and continuous idling can be costly and unrealistic. While auxiliary power units are an option, as well, the challenge becomes how best to protect your passenger train when there is no power.

To keep passenger trains freeze-free all winter long, ThermOmegaTech® designed the GURU PC®, an automatic freeze protection drain valve for water-bearing systems.

The GURU PC® is a thermostatic, self‑actuating drain valve that monitors and responds to ambient temperature. Installed in the lowest point in the train’s water system inside of the cabin, the valve’s internal thermostatic actuator continuously senses the ambient temperature, and when the temperature falls to the valve’s set-point of 35°F (1.6°C), it will automatically open to drain the system before the water freezes, effectively preventing thousands of dollars in damage.

Once the passenger car’s heating is restored and the GURU PC® warms up, it will modulate closed again. However, ThermOmegaTech® recommends using their electronic heater assembly to quickly reheat the valve so that the storage tank may be refilled with cold water and the car promptly returned to service.
Utilising the same thermostatic temperature control technology as the trusted GURU® Plug for locomotives, the GURU PC® operates completely mechanically and does not require a source of electricity to operate, so a power outage will never compromise your passenger train freeze protection.

The GURU PC® is offered in ¾” and 1” NPT sizes, both of which have a high flow design for rapid draining. The valve is also offered with an optional, but recommended, electric heater assembly, which is available as 120VAC/74VDC or 230 VAC, to shorten refill and startup times after a valve activation.
NSF 61 Certified and shock and vibration tested, the GURU PC® is compact, reliable and in-line serviceable for ease of maintenance. This winter, and every other, trust the thermostatic GURU PC® freeze valve to protect your investments from freezing temperatures.

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The GURU PC® is an automatic freeze protection drain valve for water-bearing systems.

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