Riyadh Metro: Mobility in the era of digitalisation of transportation

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Currently under construction, the Riyadh Metro project is one of the world’s most extensive public transit projects. Read here about the strategic partnership on the project between Passengera, Advantech and Intel.

Riyadh Metro: Mobility in the era of digitalisation of transportation

Riyadh Metro station

The Riyadh Metro, currently under construction, will consist of six metro lines with a total length of 176km and 85 stations and represents the most extensive public transit project worldwide. The rapid transit system offers its citizens cutting-edge public transport with driverless trains equipped with modern technologies capable of accommodating a large number of daily commuters and providing a seamless, informed, connected and enjoyable passenger digital experience.

From analysis, to design and deployment of Wi-Fi onboard metro trains and metro stations, Passengera will be delivering an innovative Connectivity and Application Hosting Solution capable of seamless user handover between trains and stations, as well as a centralised and highly scalable Management and Monitoring Suite to maintain and operate Wi-Fi services across the whole scope of the project.

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