Modernising Poland’s railways for all

In this article for Global Railway Review issue 2 2022, PKP PLK explore how recent investments worth billions of zlotys to modernise Poland’s railway infrastructure is making rail travel more accessible for all.

After many years, people can once again travel by train from Warszawa Główna station.

Today, rail transport in Poland is more attractive and more accessible than ever before, due to the effective use of European Union (EU) funds and budgetary funds by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A (PKP PLK), the Polish rail infrastructure manager. PKP PLK has been implementing the largest investment programme in its history, the National Railway Programme (NRP), worth nearly zł77 billion. Investments under the NRP are co-financed with budgetary funds and EU funds, specifically the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme, Eastern Poland Operational Programme, Regional Operational Programmes and CEF ‘Connecting Europe’ Facility. At present, EU funding amounts to zł41.5 billion (€9.2 billion).

PKP PLK’s work to make rail travel more accessible for all travellers has already seen great progress, with huge benefits already being realised.

It is thanks to these investments, co-financed by EU funds in Poland, that passengers can once again travel by train between Legnica and Glogow, from Mielec to Debica, from Wroclaw to Jelcz via Swojczyce and from Hajnowka to Lewki in the Podlasie region. 2021 also saw the return of trains on the Wroclaw to Jelcz route in Lower Silesia after a notable absence, thanks to these funds. Shorter travel times, such as from Warsaw to Tricity, from Krakow to Katowice, and from Wroclaw to Poznan, as well as new stops and collision-free crossings, are just some of the benefits that Poland is realising.

Improving the accessibility of rail in Poland

Over 60 new stops have increased the accessibility of rail throughout Poland, notably on routes in Warsaw Powazki, Krakow Bronowice, Olsztyn Likusy, Wroclaw Szczepin and Iwiny near Wroclaw, Parzniew near Warsaw, Orzechowicze in Podlasie Region, Szydlow Centrum. The inhabitants of more than 100 municipalities are now benefitting from being able to travel more comfortably by rail to work and school.