The Brenner Base Tunnel – A railway line for the future

Posted: 5 August 2014 | Konrad Bergmeister, CEO at BBT SE | 2 comments

The construction of the 64km-long Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is in full swing. After the completion of three construction lots in Italy and Austria with an investment of €550 million, the next construction lots are on the way. Konrad Bergmeister, CEO at BBT SE – the company tasked with construction of the tunnel – provides more details about this huge project…

Konrad Bergmeister, CEO at BBT SE

Konrad Bergmeister, CEO at BBT SE

The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is a straight, flat railway tunnel connecting Austria and Italy. It runs from Innsbruck to Tulfes/Fortezza and connects to the existing Innsbruck bypass. The 64km-long BBT under the Alps will become the longest underground railway infrastructure in the world.

The BBT is the centrepiece of the high-capacity railway line between Munich and Verona. At the same time, it represents the key element of the European Corridor No. 5 Helsinki–La Valletta which was previously the TEN T1 from Berlin to Palermo. The European Union supports the expansion of this transnational stretch and considers it a top priority.

The project

The Brenner Base Tunnel consists of two rail tunnels, each equipped with a single track. The distance between the tunnels is 70m for nearly their whole extension. Near the portals this distance decreases to approximately 4m. These two main tubes have an internal diameter of 8.1m, and they are connected at regular 333m intervals by cross tunnels which will serve as escape routes in emergency situations.

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  1. siwon Hwang says:

    I read the Brenner Base Tunnel that 64km long under the Alps and 230 km tunnel will be great and interesting project. I will be there at the openning the new line. I would like to know about more tetail information the launching integreated lift at page 12, the title is Lift the safety, drop the costs from Seoul Korea

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