Door testing under arctic conditions

Posted: 11 August 2017 | | No comments yet

Doors and movable door steps are perceived as the most failure-prone systems in rail vehicles. Here Gabriel Haller, Technical Director and Executive Manager of Rail Tec Arsenal, explains the importance of testing these components – especially under winter conditions – to ensure all-round reliability of rail vehicles, which in turn helps to increase passenger comfort and operational performance.

Entrance doors with a notice reading ‘out of order’, ‘please use other door’ and doors that keep opening and closing due to a malfunction, cause inconvenience to passengers and may also prevent the train from leaving the station on time. For this reason the monitoring and control equipment for doors and movable door steps must meet extremely high reliability and safety standards. Winter conditions pose additional challenges in this context, as low temperatures, snow, ice and grit may affect the proper functioning of safety equipment such as obstacle and anti-crushing detection systems.

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