Infrastructure Maintenance In-Depth Focus 2018

Posted: 5 September 2018 | | No comments yet

Maintaining railway infrastructure can be complicated to organise, expensive and demanding. Fortunately, there are several modern and sophisticated techniques available for the industry to ensure our networks are maintained to the highest standards, allowing our railways to operate safely and efficiently. Read on to find out more…

Infrastructure Maintenance in-depth focus 2018

In this In-Depth Focus:

  • Clearing the mist that is obscuring point clouds
    Rob Buitendijk, Manager of Asset Information at ProRail, explores how the use of geo-data is helping the Dutch infrastructure manager adopt a predictive maintenance and incident management approach. 
  • Maintaining Italy’s rail infrastructure using various techniques
    Umberto Lebruto, Head of Production at Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), provides insight into how Italy’s rail infrastructure is maintained with various techniques including sophisticated diagnostic technology.
  • Optimising electrification for maintenance
    Overhead line equipment (OLE) is a critical asset to any electric railway and its maintenance is crucial for railways to operate safely and efficiently. Rob Daffern, Director and Principal Engineer at Furrer+Frey, explains that OLE maintenance doesn’t need to be complicated and how there are several approaches that can work well – but often it comes down to the individual infrastructure owner to decide on the right OLE maintenance solution for them.
  • Developing a more efficient rail maintenance strategy for Portugal
    Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. (IP) is one of the largest managers of physical assets in Portugal, including the national railway network. Head of IP’s Asset Technical Management Unit, Andreia Grossinho, explains how developing a more efficient track maintenance strategy enables IP to choose the right methods and techniques to maintain the nation’s rail infrastructure.

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