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Recognised as the inventor and leader in industrial ultra-wideband (UWB), Humatics has built the first microlocation system for the industrial world that fuses proprietary industrial-grade UWB, sensors, and data, delivering best-in-class range and precision and enabling transit systems to navigate safely and reliably. Humatics’ breakthrough microlocation products include the Humatics Rail Navigation System, enabling transit systems to precisely locate their vehicles and integrate with train control systems. Customers use Humatics’ systems to solve mission-critical localisation and navigation challenges in harsh environments where other technologies fall short.

Founded by world leaders in AI-assisted piloting, autonomous navigation, and high-precision radar, Humatics is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts with an office in Huntsville, Alabama. The Humatics Mobility Team is composed of world-renowned navigation experts and transit industry veterans. Humatics mobility products were the underlying technology behind two out of the four winners in the Signaling category for the MTA Genius Transit Challenge and are deployed on 15km of track in three different countries and have accumulated more than 100,000 vehicle operating hours and over 2.5 million hours of cumulative wayside operations. Click here to visit the Humatics website for more information.