Nexxiot AG

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Nexxiot provides an end-to-end solution for rail freight and the wider supply chain, from sensors, to information intelligence, to knowledge sharing. The purpose is to improve rail freight customers fleet management capabilities and extract more value at the component, asset and fleet level. We enable our customers to leverage improved operational performance and de-commodify their product to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering improved services to shippers and end-cargo owners. Nexxiot’s business model is flexible and customisable, so it can be adapted to a wide range of business objectives based on the end-customers digital readiness and appetites. This enables rail freight operators, lessors and railway undertakings to achieve their goals of full-fleet visibility and sensorisation with the end goal of removing information silos for operational and commercial advantage.

It becomes possible to optimise maintenance costs with accurate mileage, information on shocks and component integrity. This is the basis for the creation of a digital twin which acts as a replica of the physical asset and its related business processes existing in the cloud to enable models to be deployed for predictive insights and decision making. Accurate records and Big Data are used to profile customers for individualised pricing models and blockchain connections enable data to stand up legally for improved accountability throughout the value chain. New services like ‘Last Mile’ reporting and Predictive Time of Arrival (PTA) for just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing setups can be monetised for new revenues. It is Nexxiot’s firm belief that better knowledge creates better business.