Global Rail Transport Infrastructure Exhibition and Conference 2024

Date: 8 October 2024 - 10 October 2024

Website: www.bit.ly/3yYm0FS

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +971 4 4453652

Global Rail, hosted by Etihad Rail, the developer and operator of the UAE’s National Rail Network, unites the world’s foremost strategic visionaries, industry leaders, transporters, and financiers. As rail transport leads the way towards efficient, sustainable, and interconnected mobility solutions, this event fosters economic growth and advances a more connected world.

In a world characterised by rapid population growth and diverse transportation needs, Global Rail emerges as the driving force propelling the transportation industry of tomorrow into today’s reality. Bringing together visionaries, policymakers, financiers, and technical experts from around the globe, Global Rail ignites dynamic dialogue, collaboration, and transformation.

Global Rail heralds a transformative era of multimodal, intermodal, and smart mobility solutions, revolutionising the movement of people and goods worldwide. 

At its core lies a powerful vision: sustainable mobility, nurtured through strategic partnerships within integrated transport ecosystems. Global Rail applies this vision on a global scale, fostering collaboration among stakeholders to unlock new opportunities, drive progress, and shape the future of transportation.