Thales deploys the first ETCS Level 2 system in Hungary

Posted: 3 January 2012 | | No comments yet

Thales and its consortium partner, Dunántúli Kft., has signed a contract worth €70 million…

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Thales and its consortium partner, the Hungarian company Dunántúli Kft., has signed a contract worth €70 million with the Hungarian infrastructure company NIF (National Infrastructure Development Company) to provide the state-of-art interlocking and electronic train protection technology for the 66 km Szajol- Püspöklandany line.

Six years after having completed the first European cross-border ETCS project on the line between Vienna and Budapest, Thales is once again demonstrating its experience and expertise in the field of European train protection technology.

The latest project includes the design, delivery, installation and commissioning of ELEKTRA electronic interlocking systems for five train stations, an operational management centre at Püspükladány station and an ETCS level 2 Radio Block Center. Around 180 points and 340 signals are controlled by the operational management centre. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015.

“The Hungarian infrastructure company has chosen to improve this railway line using cuttingedge protection technology to make both passenger and freight transport more efficient and attractive. This is a crucial step as the line is part of the Trans-European Network,” said Raphaël Eskinazi, Thales Senior Vice President for Northern & Central Europe.

Thales has consolidated its position as market leader in Hungary through a number of successful process control and protection technology projects for the operators MÁV, GySEV and BKV. A total of around 800 points are currently managed safely and reliably by more than 40 ELEKTRA electronic interlocking systems.

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