Bombardier hands over EPD for its REGINA X55 intercity train to Sweden’s SJ

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The train has served as the concept platform for the country’s Green Train research programme…


In the presence of more than 100 of Sweden’s top rail industry decision-makers, Bombardier Transportation today handed over the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the BOMBARDIER REGINA X55 intercity train to Swedish operator SJ. The train has served as the concept platform for the country’s Green Train research programme.

The REGINA X55 intercity train features high recoverability and recyclability rates, high energy efficiency and low standstill and rolling noise levels. Overall environmental impact throughout the train’s lifecycle is inherently low with SJ sourcing the operational electricity supply exclusively from renewable energy resources. Greenhouse gas emissions throughout the train’s lifecycle are as low as 2.48 grammes of CO2 per passenger per kilometre. This equates to up to 95 per cent lower emissions than a car, bus or aircraft.

Sara Paulsson, Manager at Bombardier’s Centre of Competence for Design for Environment, presented the EPD to Helena Wildros, Environmental Communicator at SJ, in a ceremony at the conclusion of the Green Train seminar, which analysed the findings of the seven-year research programme. Participants in the seminar in Stockholm included politicians, government officials, journalists and other representatives of the rail and transport sectors. They were able to visit a REGINA X55 intercity train parked at the platform at Stockholm’s central station.

Branded as the SJ3000, the new intercity train was designed by Bombardier in Västerås, Sweden, to withstand the harsh conditions in Scandinavia and will be the new green flagship for SJ.

“We are proud and pleased to receive this EPD as proof that our new train SJ 3000 is one of Sweden’s most eco-friendly trains. This EPD and the new trains will further support SJ in our environmental work and also contribute to SJ being the best environmental choice for travelling,” said Helena Wildros, Environmental Communicator at SJ.

“This train achieves the very highest standards in environmental performance while at the same time providing excellent speed, operational economy and passenger comfort. It is very fitting that this declaration was presented at the Green Train seminar, which has shown the way forward for the rail industry sector,” said Klas Wåhlberg, Chief Country Representative of Bombardier in Sweden.

The eco-friendly efficiency of the REGINA X55 train is detailed in the EPD, which is a document that summarizes the environmental performance of a product. It was developed by Bombardier Transportation according to the ISO 14025 standard and the industry agreed Product Category Rules (PCRs) for Rail Vehicles (PCR 2009:05) and also complies with the guiding principles of the international EPD@ system.

The REGINA X55 train’s EPD will form the basis for all future EPDs developed at Bombardier. It is the third EPD produced by Bombardier applying this commonly agreed set of rules and the first rail vehicle in Sweden subject to such an EPD. The EPD is available at together with other EPDs developed by Bombardier. EPDs are often used by Bombardier and form a vital part of the BOMBARDIER ECO4 product portfolio.

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