ERTMSCamCorder used for recording and analysing onsite testing on Belgium part of Corridor C

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Siemens Signalling Belgium assists Infrabel for the ETCS L1 lines…

Siemens Signalling Belgium assists Infrabel for the ETCS L1 lines that pertain to ERTMS Corridor C, due to be ready end of 2013 (main path).

In this context, Siemens will perform some onsite testing activities required to commission the different segments of the belgian part of Corridor C. In this process, Siemens was asked by Infrabel to make extensive use of the ERTMSCamCorder, which is nowadays used by INFRABEL for onsite testing.

INFRABEL: “The implementation of the complete Corridor C project, including 350 km of ETCS L1 tracks and 1800 eurobalises, is a very intense ERTMS implementation challenge. The ERTMSCamCorder has enabled us to obtain significant time and productivity gains on the L36/L36N project. We are very happy to repeat these productivity gains on all Corridor C projects,.”




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