ÖBB to modernise Wampersdorf station as part of Pottendorfer line project

ÖBB have announced that alongside double track expansion of the Pottendorfer line, the Wampersdorf train station will also be rebuilt.

ÖBB modernisation

Credit: ÖBB

ÖBB have announced that the Pottendorfer line will be double tracked by the end of 2023, with the Wampersdorf train station also being rebuilt as part of the project. The double-track expansion of the approximately 50-kilometre-long Pottendorfer line between Wien Meidling and Wiener Neustadt is an important measure for increasing capacity on the southern route. The expansion creates better conditions in both long-distance and local traffic for thousands of commuters south of Vienna. By the end of 2023, the continuous two-track system will be in place. The Wampersdorf train station will be modernised as part of the project by 2024. Almost €99 million is being invested in the project.

“Our goal is to develop the rail network in such a way that the train is a competitive and green alternative to the car,” Judith Engel, CEO of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, said. “When expanding the Pottendorf line, the modern design of our stations is also an important issue. When traveling, it’s not just the travel time from A to B that counts, the comfort and accessibility at the stations also play an important role, both of which are very important in the modernisation of this station. We are building a completely new mobility hub in Wampersdorf with sufficient Park&Ride and Bike&Ride offers as well as a bus connection and in future you can easily take the elevator from the pedestrian passage to the platform and there are no more steps to climb to get to the train.”

“In addition to making the rail offer more attractive and modernising the stations, we are pursuing another important goal together as part of the expansion of the Pottendorfer line, to reduce the number of railway crossings and at the same time the route for all road users to make it safer,” Ludwig Schleritzko, Mobility Minister, said. “By 2023 we will manage to close all railway crossings along the entire Pottendorf line and replace them with overpasses or underpasses. This is not only an enormous plus in terms of safety, but it also accelerates the flow of traffic, and it also contributes to environmental protection, because cars are no longer waiting in front of closed barriers with their engines running.”

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