€8.6 million contract signed for construction works towards the border of Latvia

LTG Infra have signed a €8.6 million contract with A.C.B. AS for construction works towards the border of Latvia.

Rail Baltica render

Credit: Rail Baltica

LTG Infra, the company implementing the Rail Baltica project in Lithuania, has signed an €8.59-million (inc. VAT) contract with the Latvian company A.C.B. AS. The latter is the winning tenderer in the procurement procedure for the construction of access roads in the section Žeimiai-Šėta (Jonava-Kėdainiai District).

“Local access motor roads are an important part of Rail Baltica’s railway infrastructure,” Dovydas Palaima, General Manager at LTG Infra Rail Baltica Management, said. “They are planned in such a way that, after construction of the railway, convenient communication between the different sides of the railway is ensured. At the end of last year, we signed a contract for the construction of an embankment towards Latvia, now – for the construction of local access roads in the same section. Therefore, as soon as the weather conditions permit, intensive construction work will commence in the most mature section of the project, i.e., from Kaunas to the Latvian border.”

Rail Baltica 8.6 million euro contract signed for construction works towards the border of Latvia

Credit: Rail Baltica

The company that won the tender will build 14 local access roads. Where it will not be possible to build separate roads for the maintenance of railway infrastructure elements, exits from access roads will be provided. According to the contract, the winning tender will also reconstruct the reclamation structures. The works will be completed in 14 months.

The construction of access roads is nearly completed in another railway section of the Rail Baltica: section Šveicarija-Žeimiai of Kaunas-Ramygala line. In this section, Eurovia Lietuva, which won the tender, is about to complete the construction of 16 new local access roads and 2 service roads.

Rail Baltica is the largest railway infrastructure project in the history of the Baltic States, which will build a fully electrified double-track European gauge railway connecting Warsaw, Kaunas, Vilnius, Panevėžys, Riga, Pärnu and Tallinn. The total length of Rail Baltica in the Baltic States is 870km, with 392km in Lithuania, 265km in Latvia and 213km in Estonia.