International Level Crossing Awareness Day 2012 – another success

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BTP and Network Rail joined forces during International Level Crossing Awareness Day on Wednesday 7 June 2012…

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British Transport Police (BTP) and Network Rail joined forces during International Level Crossing Awareness Day on Wednesday 7 June 2012.

Community safety staff from Network Rail and BTP officers handed out thousands of leaflets to drivers and pedestrians at crossings the length and breadth of the country to reinforce the message that risking your own life and the lives of others to save a few seconds is just not worth it.

Chief Superintendent (Territorial Policing) Miles Flood of British Transport Police said:

“Every driver or pedestrian officers interacted with during International Level Crossing Awareness Day were supportive of our joint activities. Sadly, some drivers think it is clever to continue to misuse level crossings and be assured that anyone detected committing an offence will face prosecution.

“International Level Crossing Awareness Day is now an extremely important date in our calendar and officers remain committed to not only detecting offenders but working closely with Network Rail to re-iterate the all-important safety message which affects driver behaviour. Officers were also on hand at crossings all the country to stop and report any driver who chose not to head safety advice and put themselves and other rail users in danger by failing to comply with traffic signals.”

Martin Gallagher, Network Rail’s head of level crossings said:

“ILCAD provided us with yet another opportunity to talk directly to those who use our level crossings every day, about how to use them safely, to listen to any concerns and let them know what we are doing to improve safety and reduce risk at crossings all over Britain.”

Network Rail also announced the roll-out of additional 10 CCTV equipped camera vans to help deter motorists and pedestrians from taking a risk at crossings. It has been confirmed that all routes will have at least one van with London North East and Anglia, having three and two respectively.

Chief Superintendent Flood commented: “The level crossings vans in use are already proving their worth. They are a useful additional tool for our officers in deterring as well as detecting motorists who continue to flout the law and misuse level crossings to save what may be only a few seconds and I welcome Network Rail’s further investment.”