JSC «Russian Railways» continues working on implementation of its projects on construction and modernization of railroads abroad

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At the present time, JSC «Zarubezhstroytechnology» develops a number of projects on infrastructure development abroad…

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At the present time, JSC «Zarubezhstroytechnology» (sudsidiary to JSC «Russian Railways») develops a number of projects on infrastructure development abroad.

The priority areas of cooperation of JSC «Russian Railways» on railway infrastructure construction and development are CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Africa and Persian Gulf states.

It should be reminded that its largest-ever foreign project in Libya was freezed because of the military operation.

At the present day, JSC «Zarubezhstroytechnology» has its own office in Tripoli, Libya. Employees of the company keep contact with representatives of Libyan authorities and Libyan railways, discussing further possibilities, perspectives and terms of the contract renewal.

Before the forced freezing of this project, specialists of JSC «Russian Railways» and JSC «Zarubezhstroytechnology» built 100 km of roadbed, 30 of constructional works, laid 30 km of a rail track and 115 switches. Also, the companies constructed five concrete batch plants, two of them started production. 13 000 units of equipment were delivered to Libya, including 360 units of railway equipment and maintenance vehicles.

We are developing the cooperation with Serbian railways. Principal agreement on projects of Serbian railways’ reconstruction was reached in March 2011 during the working meeting of the head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin and the president of Serbia Boris Tadić.

On 27 March this year the president of JSC «Russian Railways» Vladimir Yakunin and the general director of JSC Serbian Railways Milovan Marković signed the General agreement on implementation of projects in the field of railway transport in the Republic of Serbia.

This document stipulates the construction of a new 68 km long single-track electrified railway line between Belgrade – Pančevo, reconstruction and electrification of a second track 16 km long between Belgrade – Pančevo, reconstruction of the Serbian segment of the railway line Belgrade – Bar, 200 km long, reconstruction of 6 segments 111 km long of the railroad line X of the European transport corridor, delivery of diesel trains.

Financing of this project will be carried out in accordance with the inter-governmental agreement between Russia and Serbia on allocation of 800 mn dollars credit for Serbian part. The value of Serbian participation would be 120 mn dollars. So, the total value of contracts on implementation of these projects is 920 mn dollars.

In Iran JSC «Zarubezhstroyholding» completes the project on electrification of 56 km of railway line Tabriz – Azarshahr. The negotiations are in process about participation in other infrastructure project on the Iranian territory – including the electrification of 190 km of railroad track.

The company takes part in the prequalification on construction of railways in the United Arab Emirates (total length – about 700 km, speed – 150-160 km/h). The project cost could amount to about 2 bn dollars.

Also, JSC «Russian Railways» considers projects on construction of a light rapid transit in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, modernization of Kenyan railways (about 2 000 km) and development of suburban passenger transportation in Nairobi. The company also considers the possibility of taking part in railway infrastructure projects in Turkey, where they discuss construction of a corridor from Istanbul to Georgia through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran.

Earnings issuing from the implementation of these foreign modernization and construction projects are the key source of financing for the investment program on the Russian territory.

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