Contship Italia announces new strategic investment plan

Posted: 18 April 2024 | | No comments yet

Contship Italia have announced a new strategic investment plan, which will maintain and develop the LSCT terminal.

italia contship investment

Tom Eckelmann, visiting the company, confirmed the Eurokai support in sustaining the growth and future of Contship Italia.

There was a two-day meeting between the Melzo and Spezia offices, in which Tom Eckelmann, board member and shareholder of Contship Italia Group, reaffirmed Eurokai’s strong commitment to supporting the company’s growth and future in a year of crucial transformations and major development projects.

Eckelmann shared a message of continuity and confidence with top management and all employees, emphasising the strategic importance of Contship as its leading operator in Italy and the Mediterranean region. New further investments in the LSCT terminal, totalling 50 million euros, were also announced on this occasion, in addition to the 250 million already earmarked for the upcoming extension of the Ravano. The new investment plan, to be completed within the next two years, will focus on upgrading the Fornelli quay and purchasing new equipment, thus ensuring the terminal’s competitiveness and efficiency.

Matthieu Gasselin, CEO of Contship Italia Group, commented, “We are being called upon to deal with an extremely dynamic and competitive environment. The investment plan is a tangible sign of the shareholders’ willingness to support the development of the terminal and all the Group’s activities: this will enable us to improve our operational capacity with a positive impact on the level of service we can offer our customers.”

During meetings with employees, Tom Eckelmann paid tribute to the recently deceased Contship Italia Group President Cecilia Eckelmann Battistello, whose leadership contributed significantly to the company’s growth and international development in recent decades.