RDG: Trains are up to 80% cheaper than planes for domestic travel

Posted: 19 April 2024 | | No comments yet

The Rail Delivery Group have published new research detailing how trains are up to 80% cheaper than planes for domestic travel.

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Travelling by train can be up to 80% cheaper on similar routes than flying, eliminating the burden of baggage fees, seat selection charges and airport transfer fees, a new report by Rail Delivery Group has found.     

While in some cases airfare prices initially appear cheaper on certain routes, the final cost is often much higher once all the additional expenses are factored in. Additional costs incurred with air travel include getting to and from the airport, the fees for checked baggage and choosing a preferred seat on the plane.   

Switching from plane to train could save you more than £200 for a journey from London to Edinburgh, once accounted for the additional cost of baggage and airport transfers.  

Travel by train is also very convenient. The vast majority of stations in major towns and cities of Great Britain are located centrally, unlike most airports. So, travel by train saves time and hassle too. Security checks, airport transfer and travelling to and from airports all add significant time to your journey when travelling by air.

Jaqueline Starr, CEO at Rail Delivery Group said: “For too long, the narrative has been that flying domestically is cheaper and faster. However, when you do a true cost comparison, rail travel can be considerably cheaper.  

“Rail travel offers a more affordable, sustainable, and convenient way to travel. Our research highlights the many advantages that rail travel offers to our customers when travelling within Britain.” 

Rail customers typically only pay for their train ticket, with free seat selection and luggage allowance included in most fares.  

Train services offer greater flexibility compared to air travel, with more frequent departures and arrivals directly into city centres. Beyond cost, there are environmental benefits of choosing rail as journeys typically produce significantly lower carbon emissions.  For example, rail is up to 17 times greener when travelling for business compared to air travel according to new Green Travel Pledge data, making rail a more sustainable choice.   

For business and leisure travellers alike, the answer is simple. Rail travel offers affordable fares, reduced travel time because of centrally located stations, and with its green credentials, it is the obvious choice for domestic travel within Britain.  

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