Avetta announces new initiative for rail industry in partnership with Australia’s Rail, Tram, and Bus Industry Union

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Avetta have announced that a new piece of their software has been chosen by the Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Association.

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Avetta®, the leading provider of Contractor Risk Management Software, today announced that the Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union (RTBU) selected Avetta to create an industry solution for all rail workers across Australia. RailWallet will verify and manage rail worker qualifications and compliance with industry requirements and regulations.

The RTBU was formed in 1993 by amalgamating four of Australia’s oldest unions. Today, RTBU has over 35,000 members in the rail, tram, and government bus sectors across Australia and is part of the International Transport Federation (ITF), which covers 18.5 million transport workers globally. The ITF connects more than 700 affiliated trade unions from 150 countries to improve workers’ lives and secure rights, equality and justice for workers’ globally.

“The RTBU has embarked on a key initiative with Avetta for the benefit of our industry, working collaboratively with industry organisation representatives,” said Mark Diamond, National Secretary at RTBU. “Many rail employers have expressed their desire to find a better, more portable rail card that captures the entire industry. Representing our 35,000 workers across Australia’s rail, tram, and bus industries, we approached Avetta with the proposal late last year to achieve what we believe is a first-of-its-kind innovation. We have convened an Industry Advisory Committee to work collaboratively and appreciate the involvement of industry operators in the group.”

In collaboration with key industry representatives from the rail industry, the RTBU and Avetta have partnered to develop a solution that supports the safety and compliance of all rail workers.  For the first time, rail workers will have access to their rail card directly from their mobile devices. There, they can view their roles, competencies and compliance progress, upload competency documents, check verification status, and complete training assignments and inductions.

Industry operators can set and manage rail workers’ roles, competencies, plan and track training and inductions, view worker analytics and reporting, and control site access to meet regulatory requirements. RailWallet will reduce administrative delays and streamline worker compliance, making it easier for rail employees to understand, achieve and maintain compliance to safely conduct the work they are asked to perform.

Additional features and benefits of RailWallet include:

  • Industry solution:  Workers can be linked to multiple companies in the industry, with industry operator collaboration on business rules and system requirements.
  • Compliance verification and reporting: Collection and verification of worker qualifications, licenses and competency documentation, as well as ongoing management and reporting on compliance.
  • Digital worker cards: Expired competencies, lost access cards, and missed training requirements disrupt productivity. With a digital card workers can easily and quickly see their current subscription status and compliance directly from the mobile app.  
  • Induction and learning management: Industry operators can plan and set training and track and report on the results linked to a worker’s profile and digital card.
  • Local development and support: Avetta offers in-house support and services from local teams including implementation, configuration and verification specialists, professional services – training and LMS – and enablement support teams.

“RailWallet is a revolutionary solution that can be used by all workers to view their competencies and compliance, to check verification and site access status,” said Luke Boyle, Vice President of Operations, APAC and Global Worker Support at Avetta. “By offering an industry-wide solution, all workers can be linked to multiple companies, helping to make the rail network safer. Avetta offers advanced reporting, analytics, and operational efficiencies for operators, reducing administrative time and costs for the industry. We’re especially proud to provide local in-house development and support for the RailWallet initiative.”

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