Rail Freight Group launches manifesto to boost UK transport sustainability

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The Rail Freight Group unveils a new manifesto aimed at enhancing sustainability and economic efficiency through expanded rail freight initiatives across Great Britain.

Rail Freight Group launches manifesto to boost UK transport sustainability

Credit: Rail Freight Group

The Rail Freight Group (RFG) has announced that it has launched its ‘Delivered by Rail Freight’ manifesto, aiming to highlight the crucial role of rail in transporting essential goods throughout Great Britain. The campaign emphasises the collaborative effort between the government and key rail freight stakeholders to increase freight transport via rail, addressing economic, environmental and regional goals.

According to the manifesto, private sector rail freight plays a pivotal role in building homes and infrastructure, supporting carbon reduction targets, as well as stimulating economic growth across UK regions.

Key objectives outlined include expanding rail freight capabilities by assisting new businesses in adopting rail transport, investing in advanced facilities, locomotives, wagons and integrating data-driven technologies to enhance operational efficiency.

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The RFG proposes strategic government investments in rail infrastructure, including funding for electrification projects aimed at significantly reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in local communities.

Maggie Simpson OBE, Director General of RFG, said: “Expanding rail freight across the nation will facilitate the transition of essential goods to rail, bolstering both the economy and the environment. The rail freight sector is committed to growth and is investing in facilities, equipment, technology, people and skills. We are calling on the incoming government to match this ambition through interventions that can help rail freight to thrive.”

The manifesto and its accompanying campaign aim to showcase the diverse contributions of rail freight across Britain, spanning from construction materials to consumer goods like cars and wine. The initiative seeks to advocate for supportive policies and funding frameworks that encourage the growth of rail freight in the country.

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