Balfour Beatty Rail launches online supply chain management system

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Balfour Beatty Rail is implementing a new supply chain management system…

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Balfour Beatty Rail is implementing a new supply chain management system to ensure a consistent and standardised approach to supplier qualification and evaluation, and enable companies of all sizes to have a free ‘shop window’ with its procurement team.

The firm has implemented a total supplier management solution (TSMS) in partnership with Achilles– which helps organisations manage potential risks in their supply chains to protect people, planet and profit.

Suppliers for Balfour Beatty Rail are being asked to complete standardised registration, pre-qualification and assessment processes online. Information will be stored in a centralised database, hosted by Achilles. This will enable Balfour Beatty Rail to effectively manage data, assess companies consistently, and prevent potential issues in the supply chain.

The new system, called Balfour Beatty Accreditation and Supplier Information System (BBASIS), will work in conjunction with Achilles Link-up – the UK Rail Industry’s supplier registration and pre- qualification scheme.

Link-up enables businesses that carry out potentially medium to high-risk services to qualify to work for 115 rail organisations, through completion of a single questionnaire.

Now Balfour Beatty Rail is extending that principle to all of its suppliers, asking them to complete standardised processes online, at no cost, to gain a complete picture of activity across its entire supply chain. It will also help Balfour Beatty Rail achieve sustainable procurement objectives.

John Green, Supply Chain Assurance Manager for Balfour Beatty Rail, said: “Balfour Beatty Rail has been a member of Achilles Link-up for over 15 years and we have seen directly the positive impact smarter procurement processes and communication have had on the rail industry.

“Balfour Beatty Rail is now looking to extend this commitment to continuous improvement, by introducing our own comprehensive supply chain management system. This will incorporate existing data and intelligence from the Link-up community.

“With visibility of activity at all levels of our supply chain, we will have a more systematic approach towards managing potential risks. The online registration will also make it easier for new suppliers to engage with us and demonstrate their interest, which is often difficult particularly for small and medium sized companies.”

Annette Gevaert, Director of Rail and Transport at Achilles, said: “We are delighted to offer a total supplier management solution to Balfour Beatty Rail, which will enable the company to reduce the risk, time and cost associated with procurement activities.

“Balfour Beatty Rail has shown how companies can use Link-up as a strategic procurement tool to help manage increasingly complex supply chains.”

Existing suppliers are being invited to complete registration questionnaires online. Any companies deemed to operate in high-risk fields will be required to join Achilles Link-up; providing further information and undergoing HSEQ audits.

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