DG Enterprise and Industry releases its competitiveness survey of the rail supply industry

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UNIFE welcomes the result of the study…


At the UNIFE—The European Rail Industry Association 2013 General Assembly meeting in Vienna, Austria, Deputy Head of Unit, Sustainable Mobility and Automotive Unit from the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry, Barbara Bonvissuto, announced the publication of its survey on the Competitiveness of the European rail supply industry. The study concludes that more coordinated, long-term R&D is needed so that the EU can maintain its competitiveness in the global rail supply industry. The study affirms that the rail supply industry is a key industrial sector for the EU, as it is one of the few industries where Europe maintains global leadership. Furthermore, the survey highlights growing competition from Asian rail supply companies and argues that in addition to more investment in R&D, a level playing field must be established when it comes to the European rail industry accessing foreign markets—which must be as open as the EU’s to foreign competitors.

UNIFE welcomes the result of the study and emphasises the need for decision-makers to act to boost the competitiveness of the European rail industry by stimulating investment in R&D in the Rail Industry. UNIFE points out that the study supports the rationale behind the Rail Industry’s proposed joint technology initiative, SHIFT²RAIL, which aims at tackling the R&D gaps in the European rail sector with a large-scale, holistic, and cross-industry approach.

Philippe Citroën, Director General of UNIFE, remarked, “UNIFE is pleased with the conclusions and recommendations of the Commission’s study and is encouraged that it references a Joint Technology Initiative as a possible form that the necessary R&D investment in this sector could take.”

The study is publically available online at this web address: