Renfe and MAFEX collaborate in promoting the rail sector abroad

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The text provides that the parties will develop different activities, such as technical research and assistance…

  • The turnover of companies in the MAFEX companies exceeded 4,350 million euros in 2012.
  • The parties will promote programs for technical assistance and training in different countries.

MAFEX and Renfe, the Spanish association of rail material and services companies, have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of promoting the Spanish railway sector abroad and encourage a greater international presence of Renfe and the Spanish railway industry. The text, signed today by the chairmen of RENFE and MAFEX, Julio Gómez -Pomar and Victor Ruiz Piñeiro, provides that the parties will develop different activities, such as technical research and assistance, training programs, specialized visits and technology and innovation promotion applied to rail transport.

The volume of activity in MAFEX associated companies, which brings together the leading and most representative companies in the sector, reflects the importance of the Spanish railway sector and its export profile. The more than 70 companies billed for equipment and rail services over 4,350 million euros last year, of which 2,500 million (57%) corresponded to foreign market.

With an extensive experience in international cooperation, Renfe keeps open lines of collaboration with other foreign railway companies and is part of the Saudi-Spanish consortium that is working for the implementation of a high-speed service between Mecca and Medina. The net turnover of the company for their transport of passengers and goods reached in 2012 the total amount of 2,037 million euros.

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