Powerlines “on track” in Scandinavia

Posted: 23 May 2014 | | No comments yet

Powerlines Group is the European specialist for the electrification of mainline and mass transit…

Powerlines Group

Powerlines Group is the European specialist for the electrification of mainline and mass transit. We provide customers with a service package perfectly tailored to their needs, from the planning stage to installation – to the subsequent maintenance tasks. The Group is one of the market leaders in central Europe and has enhanced its position on the Scandinavian market over the past few years.

In March 2014 the Mjölby-Nässjö overhead line construction project was brought to a very successful completion. The contract involved the largest reconstruction of overhead line infrastructure in Sweden since 1930. It was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule without any disruption of normal rail services. In this project Powerlines was able to exhibit one of its greatest benefits – international teamwork. New overhead lines were erected on the first 4 construction stages for the 80km double track section between Mjölby and Nässjö, and on the final stretch, the somewhat shorter (70km) single-track section between Hässleholm and Astorp. The scope of the contract encompassed the erection of around 4000 masts, the installation of over 800 km of wire and 250 sections of 15/15 catenary system.

Powerlines has also acquired additional orders with the 3rd Rail. A framework supply agreement has been made with the Powerlines Group to provide the Oslo´s underground with all the structural components required for its 3rd rail system during the next 6 years. Powerlines’ 3rd-Rail is a highly convincing solution due to the use of superior quality materials, guaranteed delivery schedules and long working lives. All raw materials deployed are 100% recyclable.

Furthermore, the contract also includes an option to carry out extension and installation work. Länsimetro contracted Powerlines with the extension of the underground infrastructure in Helsinki, and 30km of 3rd Rail are to be delivered to Finland starting in January 2015. Gerhard Ehringer, Powerlines’ CEO, explained: ‘We have been very successful in Austria and Germany for many years and now have local teams operating in northern Europe. Our international involvement and extensive know-how in planning and installation enable us to guarantee the successful completion of large-scale projects. We are able to contribute experience gained in numerous European countries to develop the best possible solutions for our customers.´