SKF offers full range of customized solutions for rail wear and noise reduction

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SKF continues to increase its capabilities to provide customized solutions for the rail industry…


SKF continues to increase its capabilities to provide customized solutions for the rail industry. With the acquisition of the Lincoln brand in 2010, SKF now offers a complete portfolio of products for wear and noise reduction applications.

SKF’s comprehensive product spectrum includes wheel flange lubrication systems to reduce wheel wear and wayside lubrication systems to reduce wear on the gauge face. Suitable for railroad, metro and tramway applications, both systems minimize rail wear and noise emission, including curve squealing.

Because the main components of both systems, such as pumps, metering devices and applicators, are produced by SKF, complete, custom-tailored solutions can be implemented. In addition, the combined knowledge and experience associated with the two brands has enabled the development of additional product innovations, as well as enhancements to existing products.

Due to the large number of variables present in a total system approach, an in-depth analysis of customer conditions is necessary to ensure optimum results. Initially, the current annual cost of replacing and re-working rails and wheels should be determined. Though it is difficult to weigh the economic value associated with noise reduction, comparison calculations can be performed to evaluate various technologies used to reduce noise and comply with regulations. Upon completion of the survey, potential cost savings are determined, as well as the required investment and maintenance costs for the lubrication system. This enables the customer to make an informed decision.

Wheel flange lubrication systems

Depending on the line distance between the pump and spray nozzle near the wheel, there are various types of wheel flange lubrication systems. These systems range from a grease reservoir that is pressurized with compressed air to systems with pneumatic piston pumps and separate grease containers. In cases where using on-board compressed air is not feasible, there also are airless systems that can apply grease or metallic paste directly on the wheel or rail.

Wayside lubrication systems

Wayside systems include gauge face lubrication and top-of-rail conditioning systems. In tramway applications, the lubricant usually is delivered via drilled lubrication holes, whereas railways require applicators to be mounted on the rail, as drilling is not an option. Depending on the calculated lubricant consumption, drum, reservoir and cartridge pump stations can be selected. All SKF pumps options can produce up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), allowing long tube lines between the pump and application point. 

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