RSG and RDG announce partnership to increase effectivity in the industry

Posted: 25 July 2017 | | No comments yet

The Rail Supply Group (RSG) and the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) announce the formation of a new partnership to better coordinate shared objectives and further strengthen the industry’s voice.

RDG and RSG partnership

The partnership was forged with the aim of achieving several key goals and by utilising the resources of RDG the work of the two groups will be more effectively connected and supported. They hope to achieve the following:

• Maintain a clearer, independent voice for the rail supply chain within RDG
• Offer closer alignment and collaboration between train operators, Network Rail and their supply chains
• Streamline activities and avoid duplication, ensuring more efficient use of combined resources
• Continue to jointly sponsor groups relating to technology and skills
• Provide government and stakeholders with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for relations with the industry
• Bring clearer focus on unique RSG activities regarding exports, imports and inward investment.

Partnership with independence

The arrangement, while maintaining the RSG’s necessary independence, will see the RSG become a new strategic board of the RDG and its chair will become a full member of the RDG’s board. The partnership has also appointed Programme Director Anna Del Vecchio as an industry secondee, to ensure that the supply chain’s independence is maintained.

RSG Chair Gordon Wakeford said:

“This announcement builds on the success the RSG has had since the launch of the sector strategy, establishing clear work streams and bringing the supply chain together.

“By plugging into the resources, structures and expertise of the RDG, the Rail Supply Group can do more to drive growth in the supply chain. We now have the right structure in place to ensure we deliver on our priorities – driving growth, accelerating innovation, growing exports, and investing in our people. These are shared priorities, and I look forward to working with the RDG in continuing to deliver them.”

RDG chief executive Paul Plummer said:

“This partnership cements the good relationship between the RDG and the RSG, and will ensure that we are even more coordinated and joined-up. As one team working together we can give the railway and the rail supply chain a more powerful voice.”

“It’s vital that passenger and freight train operators, Network Rail and their supply chains work together to build a bigger, better railway for Britain while helping to grow British businesses that operate in communities across the country.”