NEWAG signs contract for modernising locomotives for PKP LHS

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A contract has been signed between PKP LHS and NEWAG S.A, for modernising 10 ST44 diesel locomotives.

NEWAG signs contract for modernising locomotives for PKP LHS

The con­tract con­cerns moder­ni­sa­tion of the ST44 locos and upgra­ding them to the 311Da type. The first moder­ni­sed loco will be sup­plied by the end of March 2018 with the rema­ining locos to be delive­red by the end of 2018. The net value of the con­tract exce­eds PLN 95 million.

Cur­ren­tly, PKP LHS has a fleet of 17 311Da loco­mo­ti­ves. These locos are desi­gned to pull heavy fre­ight tra­ins along wide-gauge lines. After the moder­ni­sa­tion is com­ple­ted, PKP LHS will have a total of 27 loco­mo­ti­ves of this type. The uni­fied rol­ling stock will ena­ble the com­pany to run multiple-traction tra­ins and will sim­plify its loco­mo­tive main­te­nance system.

Since 2007, NEWAG S.A. has per­for­med a few dozen moder­ni­sa­tions of this type. The die­sel fre­ight loco­mo­tive type 311D/311Da was cre­ated as a result of a com­plete moder­ni­sa­tion of a Rus­sian loco­mo­tive type M62, which was known on the Polish rail­way mar­ket as ST44.

NEWAG S.A. is one of the oldest rail­way com­pa­nies in Poland, with exten­sive expe­rience in the pro­duc­tion and moder­ni­sa­tion of rol­ling stock. Its plant loca­ted in Nowy Sącz manu­fac­tu­res elec­tric and die­sel mul­ti­ple units, elec­tric loco­mo­ti­ves, under­gro­und tra­ins and trams. It is also at this plant that die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves and other rail vehic­les are modernised.

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